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About us

Topograph's Story

In the early days, our activity was mostly limited to the Facebook community, but the increasing number of members increases our desire and motivation to develop and grow... And finally, the Topograf website has become a reality. We express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been with us during this period, and especially to our parents Saida Bagirova, Naila Gasimova, Khagani Gasimova and Madat Bagirova.

What is Topograph?

Topograf is the first and only data visualization platform established by civil society in Azerbaijan. We make data, i.e. information and data, more accessible and understandable by visualizing them. At the same time, we are creating an objective, accurate and unbiased database in Azerbaijan for use now and in the future. Our team's researchers prepare surveys, analyze and analyze data from global reports, and ultimately create infographics from the data obtained.


What are infographics and data visualization?

One of the most convenient and effective ways to present information in a more accessible and clear form in the modern world is infographics. Infographics are a visual presentation of data, i.e. through charts, tables, maps, graphs. Infographics is closely related to scientific data visualization. Data visualization is the study of abstract data with visual representations to enhance human cognition. Especially when there is a lot of information and data, visualization becomes an important area.


Our Purpose and Vision

You will probably agree that sometimes you do not find all the information you are looking for easily, and when you do, you suspect that there are errors. We are working to contribute to the reduction of data manipulation in Azerbaijan, to increase the access of the population and researchers to objective data.
Our vision is a world where people are free from manipulation, and where information is accessible and unbiased.


Our Partners

Our Values

We support “Topograph” international values, inclusiveness and equal opportunities in all fields. Protecting human rights and freedoms is very important to our community and our initiative. We believe that we can correct the mistakes in our activity only and only with participation. The accessibility of information to everyone and inclusiveness of the data environment is one of our main priorities. We are open to all partnerships that are interested in our activities and want to support the protection of the values ​​we express.


What do we offer?

As a “Topograph” data visualization portal, we offer data collection and visualization services, survey implementation to universities, research and research centers, as well as independent researchers. We collect information that is not in our existing database for brands from the local and foreign markets.
Our website is a fully open resource and source for citizens. Independent researchers, students, economists, journalists can use any visual information produced by our team, subject to copyright protection.