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Social Survey - 1

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"Social Survey - 1" aimed to examine the monthly incomes of the population of Azerbaijan, utility expenses, as well as the level of indebtedness of the population. The survey was conducted from May 21, 2023 to June 8, 2023. 404 of the respondents' answers were considered acceptable for analysis. We share with you some selected data from the survey: According to the results, 17% (60 people) of respondents aged 18-35 are unemployed. 73% of unemployed youth live in the capital Baku. 84% of participants (340 people) have debts from various sources. 40.8% (139 people) have debts to banks (mortgage, consumer credit, etc.). Based on the results of the social survey, 63.68% of the participants pay more than 50 AZN monthly utility bills 63.5% (160 people) of participants with monthly utility expenses of more than 50 AZN have 4 or more people living at their actual address 62.4% of survey participants (252 people) have 4 or more people living at their actual address. According to the results of the Social Survey, 74% (299 people) of the participants have debts to various sources. The total volume of debts of 52% participants is more than 1000 manats. Most of the highest and lowest earners work in the private sector. This means that there is more income inequality in the private sector than in the public sector. According to the Topograph Social Survey, 84% of respondents have debts from various sources. 34% of participants have internal credit debt to banks, 23% of participants to shops and companies. The debts of 27 participants are to friends and acquaintances. According to the results of the social survey, the private sector has a larger share in the labor market of Azerbaijan. Thus, 52% of employed persons with higher education work in the private sector 44% of survey participants have informal income 45% of those people receive more informal income than the minimum wage (345 manats). According to the results of the survey, 44% of participants (176 people) spend more than 20 manats per month on electricity, and 32% (154 people) on blue gas. The cheapest type of utility is water consumption, as 28% of participants (114 people) spend less than 10 manats per month on this type of utility. For Internet and communication services, 59% of the participants (237 people) pay between 11-20 manats per month.

Date of survey: 14 April, 2024 - 8 May, 2023
Location of survey: Azerbaijan
Query language: Azerbaijani
Number of participants: 404
Population: Azerbaijanis
Response Rate: 404